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A Simple Personal Knowledge Base

Write down your lessons without distraction and get automatic reminders. Capture new knowledge and make it yours while staying focused.

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Instantly capture your microlessons

We tend to forget unless we attempt to retain our memory. A quick way to remember more is to write down new information and keep revisiting them.

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Is your biggest obstacle with learning new things...

  1. context switching?

    Writing down information requires for you to constantly divert your focus from the main task and causes you to lose the current context.


    With Dnote, you do not need to switch environment to take notes, because bit works as various clients, embedded in many environments.

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  2. lack of repetition?

    You foget to go back to your past notes because you are busy and have many other things in mind.


    With Dnote, you will receive automated digest emails of your notes regularly, therefore putting spaced repetition on an autopilot.

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Get your own simple personal knowledge base

Dnote is a safe home for your microlessons and can help your knowledge flow rather than stagnate.

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Free and open source

Dnote is free and open source because we should not entrust our knolwedge to a proprietary softare.

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You can self-host the Dnote server and the web client with a single binary without any build process.

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Sync across multiple devices

Securely synchronize your notes across multiple devices. Access your notes wherever you are.

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