A Simple Command Line Notebook

Write things down without leaving your command line, and synchronize data across multiple machines.

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Effortlessly capture and retrieve new information

With Dnote, you can instantly capture ideas, snippets, and knowledge without leaving your terminal, and easily retrieve them later.

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  • Quick commands

    Swiftly capture new information without having to switch environment.

  • Full-text search

    Instantly retrieve particular notes that match your keywords, saving yourself a web search.

  • Bring your own editor

    Your favorite text editor will work with Dnote, whether inside a terminal or as a GUI.

  • SQLite format

    All your notes are stored in a single file using SQLite, making it easier to backup and process.

  • Free and open source

    It is an open source software to ensure continued accessibility and development of the system.

  • Cross-platform

    Download the official binary distribution for macOS, Linux, and Windows with no dependency.

Your notes, simply organized

Dnote uses a minimal hierarchy of notes and books to organize your data, because searching is far more efficient than a complex organization strategy. Everything is stored as a single SQLite file, making your data extremely portable.

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SQLite is considered as a data format that maximizes the chance of survival and continued accessibility.

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Free and open source

Dnote is open source so that we can take control of our knowledge and ideas, rather than putting them at the mercy of proprietary software.

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Two terminal windows, one from home and the other from work, synchronizing data between them.

Upgrade your workflow with Dnote Pro

Dnote Pro is a premium offering that allows you to access your notes anywhere using the multi-device synchronization, and REST API to manage your notes.

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    Synchronize data

    Push and pull your changes to and from the server, and synchronize the data among unlimited number of machines using the CLI.

  • A diagram representing an API access

    API access

    Manage and access your notes using a secure REST API, anywhere.

Hosted in the cloud. Free to self-host.

Self-hosted Server


Install Dnote server application on your server using a binary distribution or Docker.

  • Multi-device sync
  • Unlimited notes and books
  • Public note sharing
  • RESTful API Access
  • Open source
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Dnote Pro


Experience the hosted and fully managed Dnote server without hassle and get going right away.

  • Everything included in the self-hosting
  • Hosted and fully managed experience
  • Automatic upgrade and migration
  • Email support
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A programmer's personal knowledge base

A personal knowledge base is a tool used to capture knowledge and retrieve it later. People use Dnote for it because Dnote is open source, offline-first, and streamlined.

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