An Improved Blog Theme

I have just finished implementing a new design for the Dnote blog. The new design will help you discover interesting stories with its better organization.

The main page of Dnote blog
The main page

Easier Reading

The stories that have been popular in the recent past will be pinned to the top of the main page. The main page now displays stories in a card view with shorter summaries so that you can flip through stories. Moreover, the estimated reading time is displayed at the bottom of each card because we are all busy! In case you are curious, the reading time is currently calculated by Hugo as follows:

if p.isCJKLanguage {
  p.readingTime = (p.wordCount + 500) / 501
} else {
  p.readingTime = (p.wordCount + 212) / 213

In the similar vein, you now get a progress bar at the top when you are reading a story. Now you will know exactly how far you are in the story and how fast you are reading.

The progress bar
The progress bar


As far as contents go, I decided to pursue three main categories for now: “Learn Programming,” ‘Stories’, and ‘Updates.’ You can see all the posts inside a category by clicking “See more” link from the home page or by clicking the tag while already inside a post view.

The learn programming category
The "Learn Programming" category

Each of the three categories will cover the following:

Learn Programming

Tips and stories about improving as programmers based on personal experiences. This section will cover the broad topic of learning programming which can be useful for people at all levels of skills—from beginners to experts—.


This section will cover stories about learning in general. You can expect to find the kind of stories that both motivate you and reveal something interesting about our journey as learners.


The behind the scene look at the making of Dnote as well as all the new things that are being shipped. Here you will be able to learn about how and why Dnote is being made.


I look forward to making this blog a place where we can go to find stories about learning that both motivate and help us. We are all learners and have stories to tell. In that light, we all have much more in common than we realize. Let us discover here the essence of that which we all have as learners. I have a feeling that, in the coming days of building Dnote with you, we will have many stories to tell.

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