Simplifying Dnote

Dnote will focus on becoming a command line note-taking software with a simple web server for sync and API access to the notes.

The driving tenet of Dnote has always been to create a note-taking software to stand the test of time. The primary reason is that knowledge is forever, but note-taking systems always come and go. To stay true to the goal of creating a timeless home for our knowledge, Dnote is once again simplifying the project’s focus. Reducing the feature set of the software will ensure that the project is maintainable, and stays rock solid for years to come.

Supported Features

The following will be the main focus of the project

  • Dnote command-line interface
  • Dnote web server with sync, and CRUD API access to the notes and books.

From April 11, 2022, Dnote web interface will be removed from the project. For Dnote Pro users, the change will be automatically applied from that date. For self-host users, the next server release (v1.0.5) and forward will not contain the web interface.

From February 11, 2022, Dnote web forum is removed. It has been deprecated since August of 2021. The reason for the deprecation was that issues are generally reported and discussed on GitHub, and Dnote Pro users get support from email. The removal of the forum is a great step towards simplifying the project, and reducing the number of moving pieces. As stated in the original deprecation notice, an effort will be made in the long-run to establish an email thread to act as an asynchronous communication channel.

What it means to you

If you are Dnote Pro user, the price will be significantly lowered. For yearly subscribers, refund will be given accordingly. Simplifying the feature will therefore ensure that Dnote continues to serve you with a great value for the long term. Further updates on the new price will be provided.

Thanks for being Dnote users. Dnote will continue to simplify and always put long-term visions first.

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