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Free for everyone. Paid for extras.

Dnote is free to use for everyone because knowledge is our right. Unlock Dnote Pro to maximize your memory retention.


Streamline your learnings into your own personal knowledge base.

  • Open source
  • Unlimited notes
  • Unlimited books
  • Multi device sync
  • Command line interface
  • Web application
  • Firefox/Chrome extension
  • Forum support


Maximize your memory retention and become the best learner you can be.

/ month
  • Everything in core
  • Automated Spaced Repetition
  • Email support

Pricing FAQ

Is Dnote open source?

Yes, Dnote is entirely open source under various licenses, because a knowledge base should never be proprietary.

Can I self-host Dnote?

Yes, you can self-host Dnote on your own machine by downloading the binary or using Docker. For more information, please see the repository.